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The Common Ills
Iraq snapshot
Iraq snapshot Thursday, May 5, 2016. Chaos and violence continue, more bombs are dropped, does a US military death matter to the US government (not if you're John Kerry), and much more. Today, the US Defense Dept announced: Strikes in Iraq Ground-attack, fighter, bomber, and remotely piloted aircraft conducted 15 strikes in Iraq, coordinated with and in support of Iraq’s government: -- Near Baghdadi, a strike destroyed an ISIL vehicle bomb. -- Near Beiji, a strike destroyed two ISIL tunnel entrances. -- Near Fallujah, six strikes struck three separate ISIL tactical units and destroyed four ISIL fighting positions, an ISIL heavy machine gun, an ISIL anti-aircraft artillery system, three ISIL tunnel entrances, an ISIL mortar system, an ISIL vehicle bomb, an ISIL weapons cache, and four ISIL bed down locations. --Near Kisik, a strike struck a large ISIL tactical unit and destroyed two ISIL fighting positions, two ISIL... (more)

maze in my life
... After 6 years,... Setelah 6th berhenti menulis, Dan sekarang berusaha utk balik nulis lagi. Mencoba utk menuangkan kembali semua yang ada di hati, at least membuat separuh beban yang ada sedikit ringan. Sometimes we need it, rite? Masih belum tau apa yg bakalan ditulis, mungkin karena saking lamanya gak nulis heheh. Ah, betapa rindunya menulis lagi,.. . .

Jari Dang Amai
Wah! kita bagai bermimpi. Tetiba blogdrive kita yang sudah lama 'disita' kini telah dikembalikan semula. Harap kita dapat lagi mencoret di sini. Rindunya nak menulis di sini lagi

Locksmith Boise
NorthWest Locksmith Boise on Mojo Pages

Daily Devotion
: Release The Power Of God

KJB Daily Devotion – Following Jesus Through Every Chapter Date: Thursday, May 05, 2016 Chapters: 1 Chronicles 29/2 Chronicles 1-2 Message: 1 Chronicles: Release The Power Of God Hello My Friend, The Book of 2 Chronicles is the fourteenth book of the Old Testament/Bible and contains thirty-six chapters. The timeline for these events took place approximately 1015 BC – 610 BC. The author of the book is Ezra, and the book was written to the Jews who were in captivity in Babylon for seventy years. The purpose of the book was to record the events that took place in Judah that brought them into captivity. What we are to learn from the book is that the blessings God gives to us comes through humbling ourselves and seeking Him in all that we do. “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” - 2 Chronicles 7:14.... (more)

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